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Eco Clean is now established in the USA. Our manufacturer and distributor is Brook’s Carpet & Ship’s Supplies, Inc. We look forward to the future.

We are proud to have signed an agreement with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (Redningsselskapet). Eco Clean will now be ensuring clean pipes aboard the society’s boats and be available to members through the society’s online shop.

Eco Clean has signed a distribution agreement with FLAK AS, Norway’s leading boat equipment wholesaler. The agreement will make Eco Clean available to almost all boat equipment retailers in Norway. We look forward to productive cooperation.

The Eco Clean story

Thomas Garnes (30) worked as a plumber in the shipping industry for many years, and has seen countless blocked toilets on boats and ships. The cause is always urinary stones – a calcification that occurs when urine comes into contact with stainless materials.

Blocked toilets are a real muck job – literally – as every boat owner familiar with this common problem knows. As a plumber, Thomas also learnt that none of the products that claimed to unblock the pipes actually worked. The alternative is to pull out the pipes, or in the worst case, change them completely, which is a dirty, dull and costly job.

Thomas wanted to do something about it.

So he began experimenting with different formulas, all using biodegradable ingredients that don’t harm the natural environment or the pipes. Because Thomas has also seen what strong chemicals can do to the pipes.

After a lot of testing, and praise from customers whose pipes he tested his formulas on, he came up with the perfect product. A product that gently and effectively removes urine stones and makes being a boat owner much easier and more pleasant.

Now all he needed to do was to get Eco Clean out into the world.

Magic does happen. Magic is also the word Sølvi Hjelmeland uses to describe her meeting with Thomas one hot summer’s day at Tvedestrand marina  – and the subsequent journey they have since embarked on.

Thomas was on a boat trip with his buddies in the southern-based village that day. Sølvi also happened to be there with two musician friends – who were sitting on a bench singing. Thomas and his friends were drawn to the beautiful voices and happy atmosphere and they all started talking. When the conversation turned to work, Thomas quickly realised that Sølvi was the friend he was looking for. With her extensive experience in marketing, sales and management, including working for Aftenposten and Telenor, as well as her experience as a mentor and coach in various contexts, she had the necessary experience to raise Eco Clean’s profile in the world.

A new and innovative business concept you say? Sølvi had heard it all before. But then she listened to him talk more about the idea. She watched him mix the product and test it in his back garden in Åsgårdsstrand. She accompanied him onto ships and watched him do pipe inspections and witnessed the striking before and after pictures. And then she realised that this was something quite unique. The same was true of Innovation Norway when Sølvi contacted them. Since then, neither Thomas nor Sølvi have had a minute to themselves.

A large batch has already been produced, and many marinas and other customers are eagerly awaiting the unique product.

Eco Clean is embarking on a world voyage to win the hearts of anyone who has to deal with toilet pipes on boats, ships, planes, buses, motorhomes and trains. For life is too short to pull out blocked pipes!

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